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Condominium Master Policies

What is the difference in coverage between a Condo Unit Owner Policy (HO6) vs. Condo Master Insurance Policy?

Coverage provided by a Condo Master Insurance policy varies by state so make sure that you understand the coverage before purchasing a policy. The cost of a master policy will vary by association. The cost is determined by multiple factors such as: replacement value of the structures, number of units, distance to the coastline, construction type, year built and past claims history.

Anyone who owns a condo or townhome should be aware that their personal possessions, personal liability and upgrades to the unit may not be covered under the Condominium Master Insurance Policy and therefore they will need to take out their own Condominium Unit Owners Policy (HO6)

Types of master policies available for property coverage

Bare Walls-In

A master policy that will cover all real property from the exterior framing inward. However, bare walls-in condo insurance doesn’t cover fixtures and installations within your condo unit. Under your condo community’s bare walls-in condo insurance policy, your condo’s countertops, kitchen and bathroom fixtures and your flooring probably wouldn’t be covered.

All-in Policies

All-in condo insurance master policies provide a greater level of interior coverage for condominium owners. If your condo’s interior is damaged by fire, smoke or water your condo all-in insurance policy would cover many of its interior elements. All-in condo insurance covers fixtures, installations and additions to the interior surfaces of your walls, floors and ceilings.

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