Finding Home Insurance For Your House in Westchester

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If you own a property in Westchester, you may be concerned about unexpected home damage. Acquiring homeowners insurance can help you relax both emotionally and financially. Home insurance is intended to safeguard your assets in the case of a covered incident.

Before you come to a conclusion on which homeowners policy to purchase, you should familiarize yourself with the many forms of home insurance that are accessible to you. The following coverages are typical in a home insurance policy:

Dwelling Coverage

Homeowners insurance policies are generally built around dwelling coverage. It provides coverage for your home’s structure, including the floors, walls, built-in appliances, and ceilings, as well as any adjacent structures, if they are damaged or destroyed by certain events. These policies  provide coverage in the event of a loss from covered risks, which often include fire, hail, theft, and vandalism – and can assist you in rebuilding your property in the event that a covered risk results in a total loss (up to the limit of your policy and subject to any exclusions).

Contents Coverage

Contents coverage protects the goods and personal property in your house, such as furniture and clothing. If your contents are damaged or destroyed by a covered risk, this coverage will provide compensation for the monetary value of your contents (as determined by the policy language, and subject to policy limits and any exclusions).

Personal Liability

Personal liability insurance typically includes both bodily injury coverage, which generally pays for medical expenses (up to coverage limits) if a guest or other third party is injured while on your property, and property damage coverage, which generally pays for property damage sustained by a guest or other third party (up to coverage limits) while on your property.

Common Causes of Damage

Many claims for home insurance are submitted because of property damage. Knowing the most prevalent sources of damage in Westchester may make you feel more at ease and can help in adjusting your coverage to your specific needs. There are several common causes of property loss in Westchester that can affect almost everyone:

Natural disasters

Anywhere you live, you could be prone to a number of natural disasters.  Severe weather disasters can cause extensive damage to your home and personal belongings. Homeowner policies differ in terms of what risks are covered, so speak with an experienced agent to determine whether a particular policy includes coverage for the types of natural disasters that might affect your home.  


Vandalism is human-inflicted destruction of property or belongings.


Burglary, like vandalism, may be more widespread in major cities. As a result, it is critical to seek insurance to protect your possessions.


Fires are notorious for wreaking havoc. Fires can occur everywhere, but they may be more common in older houses or in residences surrounded by vegetation.

Steps You Can Take When Shopping for a Homeowners Policy 

  1. Go online and look for some quotes. When weighing your options, make sure you’re comparing every aspect of the policies– a particular policy may have higher premiums than another, but it may also provide greater coverage. It is good to make sure you are looking at an “apples-to-apples” comparison.
  2. Examine the rating of the insurance company. A rating is an unbiased review of a company’s financial position. A high rating indicates the company is more likely to be able to satisfy its claim commitments, even in the event of a major calamity.
  3. Consider the amount of the deductible. When choosing an insurance policy, homeowners must ensure that they are insured in the event of a disaster that may completely destroy their home and valuables. A higher deductible will usually save some money in premiums.  You should consider choosing a deductible that strikes a good balance between saving you money on premiums, while at the same time also being something that you could realistically afford to pay out of pocket in the event of a loss.


One of the best ways to know you are getting a quality product at a fair price on home insurance is to talk to a licensed insurance agent/broker. Independent agents like Daigle & Travers have access to highly respected A.M. rated insurance companies, and these relationships can save you time and money. At Daigle & Travers our goal is not to only give you a competitive price, but also to make sure you adequately understand your options for selecting homeowners coverage.

To find out the cost of insuring your home, give us a call at (203) 655-6974. The Daigle & Travers insurance agents are here to help you explore your options.