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Flood Insurance What to Consider Shopping for Flood Insurance in Connecticut  If you live near a body of water or in a low-lying area, you

Errors & Omission (E&O)

E&O is a form of professional liability insurance that helps protect professional advice and service. It protects individuals and companies from bearing the full cost

Employment Practices Liability Insurance

What is Employment Practices Liability Insurance? Employment Practices Liability Insurance provides employers insurance coverage against claims made by employees alleging wrongful termination, harassment, discrimination and

Condominium Master Policies

What is the difference in coverage between a Condo Unit Owner Policy (HO6) vs. Condo Master Insurance Policy? Coverage provided by a Condo Master Insurance

Non-Profit Insurance

What is the difference in coverage between a Standard Business Insurance Policy and Business Insurance for Non-profits? Coverage provided by a Standard Business Policy may

Products Liability Insurance

What is product liability insurance? Product liability insurance can protect you against court costs and legal fees associated with bodily injury or property damage claims

Insurance for Family Offices

Are You Confident in Your Family Office Insurance Coverage?  When family offices are looking to insure against loss, they have to look at two major

Builders Risk Insurance

What is builders risk insurance? This insurance coverage is specifically designed to protect buildings and structures that are under development, renovation or construction as well

Equine Mortality Insurance

What is Equine Mortality Insurance? Equine Mortality Insurance is a major-medical insurance policy that protects horse owners and lessors against loss of a horse as

Inland Marine Insurance & Ocean Marine Coverage

What is Inland Marine/Contractor’s Equipment Insurance? Contractor’s equipment insurance is designed to cover damaged or missing contracting equipment. Contractors insurance policies can extend beyond covering

Domestic Help Workers’ Compensation

Do I need to purchase domestic help workers’ compensation coverage? Homeowners insurance policies exclude liability for domestic help that should be covered by a Workers’